Responsible Government is your right.

We MUST make state government more accountable to the people. A vote is a trust. It says that you are trusted to watch over the interests of the people; putting them first. We MUST have Representatives who care more about those they are elected to serve, than just themselves or those they owe a debt.

Service and leadership are strong parts of my background. They are hallmarks of the Dawkins family. Whether in business or government, I have the experience and good judgment to serve the citizens of this great city and county.

For years I have been finding ways to serve the people of Fayetteville in various capacities. Having owned my own business for over fifteen years, I know what it is like to make a payroll, create jobs, and create a sound budget. There is no reason why State Government cannot apply the same common sense principles to financial responsibility that you and I do every day in our own lives. As your Representative, I will make the hard choices it takes to eliminate frivolous spending and lead our state to prosperity.

I ask for your support, your prayers, and your vote. I promise to listen to you, respond to you, and to lead our city and county forward as your Representative of House District 44.

I also invite to view some of the video clips from the campaign.  Click on the links below.

Faith, Family and Friends

First TV Advertisement